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Opportunitiess & Directions

Clinical Counseling

Everyone wants to feel good, but it is more important to get better. Dr. Hamming emphasizes an expansive approach to clinical questions, tailoring an action program that prepares his clients for moving beyond their present condition. His success is such that he has become a mentor to numerous young therapists.

  • 25+ years of clinical experience         

  • Forward focused 

  • Intuitive

  • Motivating

  • Full spectrum of intervention: not simply “feel good” therapy or medicating symptoms

  • Goals centered on giving clients the capability to return to a more expansive, meaningful life

Sports/Physical Activity Training & Coaching

Success is the residue of preparation. In working with competitive and amateur athletes and creative individuals, Dr. Hamming works to optimize mental readiness, a vital factor to deepening concentration and maintaining the emotional balance necessary to the challenges that accompany any performance-related activity.

  • Doctoral level trained

  • Field experience, coaching and training

  • Doctor tested — the techniques and methodology used are part of Dr. Hamming’s approach to his own mental readines

  • Empowering

  • Goal focused

  • Performance coaching using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) a specialized psychotherapy technique with the power to liberate people from their previously held limitations

Divorce Coaching

No matter how painful, a divorce ultimately has to deal with the future. Finding and holding to hope is a key in the process. As a successful trainer and coach, and one who experienced a divorce first-hand, Dr. Hamming understands the importance of reaching a mental and emotional balance throughout the process.


  • Field experience, therapy coach

  • Forward focused 

  • Collaborative — working to achieve agreements for the future

  • Deliberate — understanding of need for parties to walk through the process with dignity

  • Adolescent and child counseling — experience, including authorship of a children’s book addressing the issues children face during divorce

Clinical Counseling
Sports coaching
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